What are you rubbing into your skin?

I began making homemade soap in the early 2000s. It was out of necessity because I had not yet grown out of eczema and dermatitis outbreaks. As an adult with two children, I still had problems finding products that did not create an intense itch and dryness in my skin. 

Luxe True Soap solid bar and liquid are homemade, natural, scented and unscented  true soap, which is an emulsion of saponified oil and water. It is not a detergent.


  • I began to create products I could use, scented and unscented. I began offering them for sale about 2016 and formed Luxe True Soap, LLC in 2023.
  • I have a social media presence at luxetruesoap.com2020 on Instagram, where I have a shop.
  • I intend to become a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of luxury natural soap and lotion.
  • It has become a luxury to enjoy soft, clean skin without the constant use of lotion or oil.
  • Luxe True Soap is a balanced formula that is both gentle and cleansing.
  • I am registered to buy and sell with the government, NAICS code 325611
  • SIC code 2841
  • CAGE code 9PMH4
  • I am a self-certified
  • small business owner
  • woman business enterprise
  • economically disadvantaged woman owned business
  • Luxe True Soap operates in a HUB zone.